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We provide paintless dent removal services throughout Allen County Ohio and surrounding areas. Call or text 419-306-7027 for a free estimate!

At All Things New LLC, we are a family-owned and operated auto restoration service provider located in Lima, OH specializing in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) services. With over 15 years of quality dent removal services, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time! Save time and money… call or text 419-306-7027 today!

As a low-cost auto body shop alternative, All Things New LLC repairs cosmetic damage, including dings, scratches, burns, and tears to both the interior and exterior of your vehicle using a variety of techniques to get it looking as good as new.

We are the only location in Lima that offers paintless dent repair directly to the general public. Rather than repairing dents with traditional body work, we carefully massage the metal back to its original form without damaging your paint and needing to repaint or use body fillers.

We will repair minor scratches, paint chips, and other cosmetic damage to your vehicle by hand, saving you money on costly paint jobs. Our refinishing service for foggy headlights will improve your visibility at night and in dangerous weather, increasing the safety of your drive. We can also restore the interior of your vehicle to top condition. We can repairs burns, holes, and tears in the upholstery and carpet of your car, patch leather and vinyl, replace and repair the car paneling, and remove odor and stains from your vehicle.

If you’re a used auto dealer, we can work closely with you to touch up your inventory and increase its sale value. We take great care in providing a less costly alternative to repairing minor damage compared to traditional collision and auto body shops. Call 419-306-7027 today to find out more about how we can save you money!

– About All Things New LLC –

I began my business in the fall of 2005 by just visiting used car dealers regularly and eventually caring for their used car needs. I was completely mobile for the first 3 years and then rented a small shop mostly for winter use. In 2010 I moved to my current location. I have continued to build my business by delivering a quality product at low prices. 65% of my business is serving the used car dealers in the area. The remaining 35% consists of walk-in retail customers. Most simply do not want to pay the prices of the regular body shops. I also repair a lot of plastic bumpers when the regular body shop wants to replace with new. I also push a lot of dents that the normal body shop would fill and paint.

– What Our Customers Say –

“Rennie quickly looked at my car, gave me an evaluation. Within 4 days he not only had the parts but was ready for me to drop my car off. Found out he had to do less work than he originally thought, and LOWERED the labor cost to suit what he actually had to do! Car was done not even 24 hours after I dropped it off. Honest guy that will get your car right again, I will be back next time I have an issue.”

– Alex Mayer

“Awesome job. Did exactly what I wanted. Wonderful experience.”

– Kimberly Wireman

“Honest straight forward service at a fair price.”

– Tim Conley

Call or text All Things New LLC today at 419-306-7027!